Dalila's Journey

Competing at the highest level is about preparation, courage, understanding and nurturing your talent. Winning is the result.

Here you can find more about some of the biggest chapters in Dalila’s career, from early childhood up to getting on the WTA Top 100 Ranking list.

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Early Days

Growing up in Slovenia

Dalila Jakupović was born on March 24, 1991 in Jesenice (Slovenia), but later on moved and lived with her family in Ankaran (municipality of Koper). Her mother Mubina and dad Senad provided all the attention and love from her birth. She started playing tennis when she was six years old at the Tennis Club PROTEN from Ankaran.

At the same time when she started to play tennis, she tried also ballet. Because she showed talent in both activities, at the age of eleven, she had to decide for one in order to fully dedicate herself to it.

The decision was not difficult, she decided for tennis. From the very beginning, she showed massive talent and was a permanent member of the national team of Slovenia until the age of 12, 14 and 16 in the generation that promised quite a lot, namely at the World Championship up to 14 years.

Career Growth

Moving to Switzerland

At the age of sixteen, she felt she could do more in tennis and, together with her parents, decided to continue her career at one of the best academies of Niki Pilic in Munich. She started working professionally and occasionally playing professional tournaments.

She first appeared on the WTA table with 17 years of age and has been constantly making progress since then. After two years of her stay in Munich, she returned to Slovenia where she continued her training in coastal clubs.

In 2010, together with her family, Dalila moved to Switzerland where her mom got a new job.

Pure focus, calm breathing and a firm grip on my racket!

Dalila JakupovicRising to the top, one match at a time.
Joining the Slovenian Team

Fed Cup

In 2014, Dalila accepted the invitation from the selector of the national team to join the FED CUP team where she showed a brilliant performance. Since then, she has been a permanent member of the Slovenian national team and one of her main tennis players. After playing for the national team in 2014, she decided to take part with the coach and moved to Maribor where she continued with the training.

After 6 months, Dalila goes to train at a smaller academy near Stuttgart. After two years of training there, in May 2017, she leaves Stuttgart and returns back to Switzerland where he continues the training with her dad Senad. Until then, Senad took care of her entire career with the proper fitness routine and was there for her during every tournament.

WTA 100 List

My Dad and WTA

After the common agreement with Dalila, Senad takes full care of her training. This started with better and more focused training, along with a complete increase in strength and conditioning performance. Initially, this work was not seen, but after 6 months of hard work, the results began to appear, and after one year Dalila had entered the top 100 for the first time.

Dalila was named as number one in ''Top 10 Biggest Movers in WTA 100'' by the Tennis media

WTA  Ranking Achievements

Here are some of the key achievements over the years. Being named by WTA as one of the biggest newcomers, there is no doubt Dalila will keep ranking towards the top of the list.


Total tournament wins


Single ITF Tournament Wins


Doubles ITF and WTA Tournament Wins


Best WTA Doubles


Best WTA Singles
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