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Bloom Sports

A boutique sports management agency

Bloom Sports Agency is a boutique sports management agency that aims to make sports management more personal and more professional. With offices in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Baar, Switzerland we specialize in the representation of top performing athletes, work extensively with the corporate world and collaborate closely with leading national and international sports organizations and events.

By connecting the corporate world with the sports industry and creating partnerships, we help companies strengthen their brands. Our integrity, quality, reliability, and dedication ensure successful long-term relationships in this fast-growing global industry. We are focused on helping our clients find and build a successful and long-term career while providing them with lucrative sponsor deals and sports contracts.

Our strength lies in the negotiation of transfer contracts and sponsorship deals. Our services are open for all athletes, with fair and transparent collaboration terms for a key consulting and sponsorship contract services.

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Dalila Jakupovic has a contract with Bloom Sports, an agency that provides more than just a guideline in navigating the complex business world in sport.

If you’re interested in opportunities to increase your brand recognition or to activate non-traditional marketing channels, we suggest getting in contact with us regarding potential sponsorship deals with Dalila. Today´s digital world offers many opportunities for a collaborative and profitable relationship.

You can contact Bloom Sports on one of these addresses, or directly at

Baar, Switzerland

Oberneustrasse 53, Baar

Sarajevo, BiH

Maglajska 1, 71000 Sarajevo